Hello! Again…

Almost 10 years ago, fgaillard.com, was where I used to publish some code, utilities and occasional articles. It was not pretty, it was not a blog, it was manually edited HTML for the most part. It needed serious work…

But then I moved with my family to the US, and my online presence became almost inexistent. The site redesign was put on the (far, far) back burner; it actually went into deep hibernation with a
construction “Forever Under Construction…”.construction

But the itch went back and I started to poke my head in the forums, on StackOverflow and at the Delphi conferences, CodeRage, Codeway, DelphiLive…

So, I have decided to launch this blog. It will be mainly about Delphi programming, Programming at large but also whatever I think useful to share…

I’ll probably also provide the old content, as an online archive, much like it was, in French and in English. But for anything new, I’ll avoid the trouble of having both languages. There still might be some new content in French when relevant, like slides or video recordings done for the French Delphi conferences, but the vast majority should be in English.

Hopefully, I’ll be able to publish regularly…

Special thanks to Jim McKeeth for encouraging me to start this blog and for hosting it along with his Delphi.org

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3 Responses to Hello! Again…

  1. Jim says:

    Glad you are online again François. Are you planning to slowly update any of your old components?

    • François Gaillard says:

      That’s really old stuff. I’ll do it only if there’s value…
      I might be better off revisiting the ideas in the context of the current Delphi/OS.
      For instance, the memory leak tracker is outclassed by FastMM; it’s only an example for hooking a Memory Manager.

  2. michael Sageryd says:

    Great news!
    New Delphi blogs are allways welcome. I’ll follow you for sure. Delphi has taken some big hits the last couple of years. But my feeling is that it’s slowly gaining new ground again. The amount of Delphi posts in my newsreader is increasing each month..

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