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Won’t Heed Hints? Get Errors!

One of my pet peeves, as you may already know, is leaving memory leaks in “final” code. Another one is leaving compiler Hints and Warnings. When doing a fresh build, there should be no Hints and no Warnings. Period. No … Continue reading

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Adding Useful SendTo Targets for Delphi and more…

With a new job comes very often the tedious work of installing/configuring a new workstation. There is one thing I find very useful and like to install almost at the beginning: a way to quickly open any file in a … Continue reading

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Don’t Do Evil to Users

vs “Your work will self-destruct in five seconds…” With Delphi (or C#) it’s so easy to put a Timer to implement some Auto-DoStuff feature that you’ll find one in almost any application. No doubt it can be very handy; it … Continue reading

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A New Job

Friday was my last day at WideOrbit. I’m leaving a bunch of good people whom I’ve got to know and appreciate over the last 5+ years. So, I’m a little bit sad but at the same time very excited to … Continue reading

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Programmers are only as good as what their users can get

What matters for your users is that your software helps them get their job done efficiently, correctly and reliably. They do not care what language you used, how elegant your code is, that your new super-sort algorithm is faster than quick-sort … Continue reading

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CodeCamp 2010 = Awesome!

I spent the day on the Foothill College campus in Los Altos for the 2010 edition of the Silicon Valley Code Camp. And I plan to return tomorrow! We had a wonderful weather, lots of food-for-thought and abundance of pizzas. And best … Continue reading

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Implicit vs Explicit Call to inherited

When overriding a method, you have the choice to call the ancestor method implicitly with the inherited keyword alone or with also the method name and its parameters if any. Does it make a difference? Why choose one or the … Continue reading

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Using Richedit 4.1 with D2010

Why Starting with Windows Vista, the OS offers a lot of features and improvements to the embedded Speech capabilities that are directly available for free to the Delphi developer, as I have shown in my CodeRage and DelphiLive sessions. But … Continue reading

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Hello! Again…

Almost 10 years ago,, was where I used to publish some code, utilities and occasional articles. It was not pretty, it was not a blog, it was manually edited HTML for the most part. It needed serious work… But … Continue reading

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