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A Print Form Utility for APL+Win
A DLL and a WorkSpace that make easy to fill the lack of a Print method in Apl Forms.
See the functions in TSTPRINT.W3 (APLl+WIN 3.6) or read TSTPRINT.DOC to get a working set of examples allowing you to print a Form, the entire Screen or the foreground Window.
More to come... Lot of things soon available. .00

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A Translator Application to or from English
Do you need a translation tool allowing to convert text forth and back without juggling with poor browser-based interface connected on Altavista.
A few lines of Delphi code get you a simple client application using the Babelfish translation Web Service.
A very obvious example of usefulness and seamless integration of Web Services in a Delphi application.

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A Por Man's Memory Leak Tracker
A DLL and a unit that you just have to put 1st in the uses clauses of your projects and libraries.
It keep tracks of all your memory allocations and gives you the balance at program termination.
(in English ). A detailed paper on memory allocation by Delphi is coming.

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Hacking Delphi Forms out of *.EXE or *.DLL
An Enhanced Resource Explorer able to display, as text, Delphi Forms embedded in RCDATA.
You can also generate the *.DFM and *.PAS from the resource.
(in English, with sources )

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How to have a transparent-like kind of Delphi Form
An article for UNDU showing how to paint the background of delphi forms with the desktop background.
(in English, with sources (8k) Download)

More With The Taskbar
An article in UNDU showing how to play with the taskbar.
(in English, with sources)
MS Agents

More With Microsoft Agent: Let There Be Tools!
An article in UNDU showing how to get attitudes and actions performed Microsoft' agents (Genie, Merlin, ...).
(in English, with sources)
execute QUERY

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A Delphi unit containing a collection of query routines like executeQBEString for those who come from Paradox to Delphi. For Delphi v1 & v2. (not yet tried with D3).
(Full source with French(!) comments).
convert TXT.DFM
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I needed a way of generating *.DFM files. I could create a .TXT file and use the trick of " copying, pasting and saving as... in the IDE ". Boring, isn’t it ? So here is an article explaining a program for doing it (with sources). FREE
More to come... Lot of things soon available. .00

HA HA ! You're caught !

Not here. See the
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Custom Hiliter


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This is an expert for Paradox 5.0 which add a persistent hilighter and/or marker to the current record inside a tableFrame, wether it has the focus or not. This is done by using an external object and moving it to follow the current record. As it is an expert, you should have nothing to do to add these features to your forms, except to choose the kind of indicator and how it would look like. If you don't have paradox v5 and wish to use it with v7, please ask to fg [at] fgaillard [dot] com. FREE
Object Inspector


download for Pdx 5 (34k)
download for Pdx 7/32 (37k)
It is a tiny Paradox form giving an instant access to all the properties (read/write) and code (read only) for the objects of the currently displayed form or report, whether it is in design mode or yet running.
Though it has been made because it was badly missing when switching back to Paradox 5 from Delphi or Paradox 7, it revealed very useful in Paradox 7 to directly fine tune some properties like color outside of the 16 provided constants, and especially at run time for forms or reports of which you don’t have sources.
Free (on request)

copie d'écran
télécharger pour Pdx 5 109k
Paradox tool creating a Delphi form from a Paradox form.

(on request)

Définition de Requêtes par l'Utilisateur
copie d'écran

télécharger pour Pdx 5 127k

A Paradox Query Generator.
This utility is designed for end-users who are not familiar with Paradox databases and QBE. Gives the ability to easily create or modify a simple query on single or joined Paradox tables. Queries can be saved and reopened to modify and/or relaunch them. Automatically builds a relational view, rooted from any table of the database, by using the referential integrity links. A new table can also be joined manually. Answer tables can be sorted, renamed, shown or printed using a default report, or exported with text or spreadsheet formats. It works with a single runtime and makes up for the lack of interactive access to queries and export.(en français)

(on request)



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