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Hints and Warnings begone!

This previous post has stirred some interesting comments and reactions (thank you!). I would like to come back on the “no Hint, no Warning policy” and why I like it, but without the need to be zealot. Why desirable? The … Continue reading

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French Online Conference

There should be a 4th edition of the French online conference, CodeWay 4, this month: November 22-26. I plan to do a session on Speech with Delphi (in French). The schedule is not yet fixed, but the time should be … Continue reading

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Won’t Heed Hints? Get Errors!

One of my pet peeves, as you may already know, is leaving memory leaks in “final” code. Another one is leaving compiler Hints and Warnings. When doing a fresh build, there should be no Hints and no Warnings. Period. No … Continue reading

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