A little bit of zis, etc. #4

  • It’s been almost a year… I’ve been pretty busy and I have had some posts in the works for a long time that still needed some attention. I’ve decided it was time to clean the closet and get them out now even if they are more or less in draft mode, provided they can be useful to someone.
  • The 1st one, about playing sounds from resources is already out here.
  • It’s even a good example of why they should be out there, because it can start a dialogue with the readers and the feedback is indeed very valuable. Chris Rolliston, of Delphi Haven and Delphi Foundations fame, made an excellent point in his comment which had me to update my post.
  • So if you read it before seeing any comment, I suggest you go back to see the update.
  • Another post is coming about Debug Visualizers for StringLists and Strings, to extend somehow the defaults ones. (enhancements from my DelphiLive session of last year; far from perfect, but I’ve found them useful anyway)
  • XE3 seems almost there¬†although¬†nobody appears to know for sure what’s in store…
  • If XE3 supports Win 8 well enough, gestures might at last get some 1st class exposure.
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  1. Debug Visualizers will be a nice topic.

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