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The Unfortunate Effect of WM_SETREDRAW

… or why simply replacing LockWindowUpdate by WM_SETREDRAW is not that straightforward. As you know, when you want to avoid flickering or multiple partial redraws of your Forms, during a flurry of updates for instance, even though it is very … Continue reading

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When The Debugger Leaks…

… you may end up chasing memory leaks that don’t exist. I was at work investigating some bizarre behavior of our application when dealing with a big customer file and I had ReportMemoryLeaksOnShutdown turned on as it was very likely … Continue reading

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RichEdit On Scrolling Strike

We have an application that displays information in a scrolling RichEdit control, always displaying the latest, i.e. the bottom lines. For this purpose we add new lines at the bottom, place the SelStart at the end, to move the caret … Continue reading

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