A little bit of zis, etc. #3

Back from the DelphiLive conference…

  • A big thank you to Frank and Michael who made this a very nice event.
  • There was a lot of excitement about the new XE2, from the attendees to the speakers to the Delphi team.
  • The crowd was not huge, but there was a lot of energy and good vibes.
  • Mason Wheeler has a very good report of the Keynote on his blog.
  • My thanks to those who attended my sessions. I will clean a bit my material and have it available online… But not before next week.
  • Simon Stuart ( of TKinect et al. fame) was not at the conference in San Jose, but I bet he’ll have very interesting sessions at the coming online CodeRage.
  • You can help him help the Delphi community here .
  • Interestingly, Nick Hodges was there not only as a speaker, but also to recruit for his company Gateway Ticketing.
  • And he was in competition with my former company WideOrbit who were there sponsoring the “Meet the Team” event and getting contacts and resumes to fill a lot of jobs openings.
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2 Responses to A little bit of zis, etc. #3

  1. Hi Francois,

    Thanks for some great info on sapi. Anxious to play with the code samples. I was really impressed with your demo changing pitch to simulate two people having a conversation.


  2. François Gaillard says:

    Thanks! I will try to get it online this week, but I’ve been out of town the whole week-end and things are piling up…

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