A little bit of zis, etc. #2

I know, I’ve been not very much of a blogger lately…

  • Delphi XE2 is announced and it surely looks like a very interesting release (and probably with some nasty bugs as well, we’ll see)…
  • I take the bet it will up Delphi a bit in the TIOBE index if it creates the buzz I think it will.
  • I will speak at the DelphiLive 2011 in San Jose, which I hope will be a good edition with a lot of XE2 goodies….
  • Something really cool made with HTML5 (better try it with Chrome).
    You’ll arrive at the top of Lombard street in SF, but when it’s finished you can try with any point having a street view in Google maps.
  • Internet is good because it keeps a trace of a lot of code snippets.
    Internet is bad because it keeps a trace of a lot of code snippets. 😉
    My next post should explain…
  • We have implemented some panning and zooming features in our Adura System Design application: it’s still cool what you can do with plain old Winapi and Delphi.
    I guess it would be totally sick with FireMonkey (if we do it, but it’s probably a huge rewrite).
  • The Silicon Valley Code Camp is back! Saturday and Sunday, October 8th and 9th, 2011. As I said in a previous post, it’s not very Delphi but totally cool.
  • Lately I’ve been back into motorcycling (thanks to my lovely and adventurous wife) and I got my first cruiser ever.
    Absolutely gorgeous design but bad UI nevertheless: The control panel is not on the handlebar but on top of the tank with the turn signals indicators at the very bottom, which means you cannot just see them if you have a full face helmet, they are hidden by the chin bar and you have to bow your head and freakin’ look at them.
    And because those turn signals do not go off automatically, I ride quite often with them on for a while and that p..sses me off.
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2 Responses to A little bit of zis, etc. #2

  1. I have a 2008 C50 which I have ridden for 64K miles, I still dislike the gauges on the tank. Great bike, I had to replace the front drive shaft gear at 54K miles, stranded me one morning at 4:30…Ride safe.

    • François Gaillard says:

      So much for me thinking I would get used to it…
      It sure looks good, but practical not!
      It has less than 5K miles, but I’ll keep in mind the drive shaft mishap.
      Ride safe

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