A New Job

Friday was my last day at WideOrbit. I’m leaving a bunch of good people whom I’ve got to know and appreciate over the last 5+ years. So, I’m a little bit sad but at the same time very excited to start a new adventure. I’m joining a green startup, Adura Technologies, also based in downtown San Francisco. And, yes, I’ll do a lot of Delphi (XE).

Besides the personal announcement above, what can interest the Delphi community is that this job was never advertised. It never got a chance to land on Dice, Monster, CraigsListcareers.stackoverflow.com or in the forums. It never got a chance to appear multi-replicated in the “Delphi Programming” bucket and increase the TIOBE index for Delphi.

Nobody can deny that the number of Delphi jobs advertised out there is not huge, but if you read the previous sentence again, the key word might be advertised. Oh, and did I mention it’s a startup? It’s not a maintain-that-10-years-old-legacy-code kind of job.

Is Delphi dead? I agree with the answer here: I think not! But YMMV…

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7 Responses to A New Job

  1. Congrats with the new job!

  2. eastlandgrl says:

    interesting, thanks

  3. Kyle Cordes says:

    Fantastic – a startup, in San Francisco, using Delphi. I end up having conversations about Delphi (“dead?”) quite often, and always summarize the same way: Delphi isn’t close to the top of heap in popularity (with Java, C#, etc.), but is nonetheless reasonably popular in certain niches, where it is very well suited for the work at hand.

  4. jordi coll says:

    Congratulations with the new job. I hope you enjoy this interesting opportunity!.

  5. You should have told the webmaster at WideOrbit about when *not* to use JPG. The title text “Driving the Business of Advertising” looks heavily compressed. The Adura website, on the other hand, looks very good. One really gets interested in their products and services.

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