Microsoft Speech Server 10.2 better than 10.1

As I indicated in this previous post, if you want Text-To-Speech in another language than English, you have to install Microsoft Speech Server. And I gave the link to install the v10.1 I had installed and planned to use for my French conference session.

Well, it happened that when I wanted to do the Delphi Prism demo, with the .Net API, it was nowhere to be found on my machine. I tried to install and re-install multiple times the runtime and the SDK: Microsoft.Speech.dll refused to be installed.

Fortunately, I found the newer 10.2 version, and this one did install correctly and I could record my .Net demo.

Unfortunately, the stupid bug where SpeechSynth is not able to send the audio stream to the standard audio output is still there!

Microsoft Speech Platform Server Runtime v10.2:

Microsoft Speech Platform SDK v10.2:

Microsoft Speech Platform languages v10.2:

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  2. Waldo Ribeiro says:

    Hi Francois,
    I apologize for asking a beginner question, but I am creating a translation application and have installed Microsoft Speech Server. I have also installed a Spanish voice. But I have no idea how to change voices, or populate a combobox with all the voices. I plan on using a Jap and Korean voice too. Thanks so much!


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