French Delphi Speech Session Material

A big thanks to all who attended my session on Delphi Speech at CodeWay 4, the French online conference.

As promised, I have uploaded the material used for the session: Continue reading

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My Delphi Speech Session in French

… is almost now.

The agenda for CodeWay 4 has it at 17:00 Paris time. That’s 8am here in San Francisco and 11am in Quebec and on the East Coast.

Here’s the menu:

•Vue d’ensemble
•RichEdit 4.1
•Delphi Prism

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Microsoft Speech Server 10.2 better than 10.1

As I indicated in this previous post, if you want Text-To-Speech in another language than English, you have to install Microsoft Speech Server. And I gave the link to install the v10.1 I had installed and planned to use for my French conference session.

Well, it happened that when I wanted to do the Delphi Prism demo, with the .Net API, it was nowhere to be found on my machine. I tried to install and re-install multiple times the runtime and the SDK: Microsoft.Speech.dll refused to be installed. Continue reading

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Early (!) Developer Solutions Conference Announcement

In the conference series, I just received a Facebook link for the coming Developer Solutions Conference in Las Vegas. They offer an early bird discount if you register before Nov 30.

And the conference is in February. Now that’s surely an early bird chick egg of a registration :-).

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French Online Conference Next Week

As I announced it here, the 4th edition of CodeWay, the French Conference is taking place next week (Nov 22-26).

You can get more information and register on (page in French).

I’m doing a session on Speech technology (Text-To-Speech and Speech Recognition) with Delphi and will have my computer speak and understand French.

The agenda is not yet available, but I hope it will be published shortly…  Stay tuned!

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Speech, but not in English

As many of you know, it is easy enough to add Text-to-Speech (TTS) or Speech Recognition (SR) to a Delphi application on Vista or Windows 7. Microsoft SAPI 5.x is pre-installed with the OS. (See my CodeRage 4 session (zip) on “Speech Enabling Delphi Applications”)

Regarding TTS, it’s almost true, provided the language you want your application to speak is English or Chinese and, if it’s the case, you can use the Microsoft Anna (very nice) or Lili voices.

But there is still a way to get TTS in other languages without having to buy other 3rd party voices. Continue reading

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RichEdit On Scrolling Strike

We have an application that displays information in a scrolling RichEdit control, always displaying the latest, i.e. the bottom lines. For this purpose we add new lines at the bottom, place the SelStart at the end, to move the caret there, and ask the RichEdit to show the current position of the caret.
This works fine with the old version of the application, but fails to scroll to the end with the new version compiled with Delphi XE. Same code (mostly), same machine, different Delphi. Digging a little bit I found that it still works though when the RichEdit has the focus, which is unlikely to happen (not the default).

Between D2007 and D2009 the code snippet used to scroll the caret into view

      Perform(Messages.EM_SCROLLCARET, 0, 0);  // Scroll to caret

ceased to work for a RichEdit control when the RichEdit does not have the focus. Continue reading

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Delphi Blogs Readers

It’s always interesting to know where the Delphi developers are and if there are areas with high concentrations compared to some “desertic” ones.
I don’t have access to Embarcadero’s propretary market information, but I have something which also interests me more directly: information about my blog’s readership. Continue reading

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Hints and Warnings begone!

This previous post has stirred some interesting comments and reactions (thank you!). I would like to come back on the “no Hint, no Warning policy” and why I like it, but without the need to be zealot.

Why desirable?

The analogy with the “no memory leak” continues here. It is useful beyond its natural object (less bugs, less crashes, better quality, better user experience) for exactly the same reason: some kind of broken window theory. Continue reading

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French Online Conference

There should be a 4th edition of the French online conference, CodeWay 4, this month: November 22-26.

I plan to do a session on Speech with Delphi (in French). The schedule is not yet fixed, but the time should be 17h-18h (Paris) which will be 8-9am for me here.

Stay tuned on Thierry Laborde’s blog (in French) or here…

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